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G'Day there ! This is a site for stupid & silly stuff that may entertain and raise a smile and you'll find photos and links to some bizare places. It may get naughty, it's up to you. If you're offended by anything from an adult perspective you'd better turn back now. 

Over a long time this site became a home for some of the silly shit people send me. If you like a laugh, you should find something to laugh at right here in these pages. (rather obvious camel toes even get a run). Being a personal website, this material has nothing to do with Triumph Motorcycles. 

Try http://www.bonnevilleamerica.com or http://triumphrat.net for some serious information. 

I appreciate you landing here and have fun, enjoy it for what it is - "silly" 

the serious silly work is now conducted at www.tbaoo.com